Charcoal lump consumption was 364 K MT in 2016

Charcoal can be used as fuel in diary life. Generally, there are two types of charcoal, including charcoal briquets and charcoal lump. Difference between those two products is mainly raw material resource. Charcoal briquets use sawdust of scrap wood as raw materials, while charcoal lump use natural hardwood. It seems that charcoal briquet is a major type of charcoal, which took a share of 63.30% in 2016. Charcoal lump consumption was 364 K MT in 2016.

During past five years, USA charcoal consumption increased from 915.6 K MT in 2012 to 991 K MT in 2016, with a CAGR of 2.01%. The market is driven by household BBQ.

USA charcoal consumption regions are distributed in The South, The Midwest, The West and The Middle Atlantic. In 2016, The South is the largest consumption region with consumption amount of 316.9 K MT. The Midwest is the second largest consumption region which consumed 250.2 K MT. The West and The Middle Atlantic separately consumed 184.2 K MT and 117.7 K MT.

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Raw material of charcoal is wood and resource is abundant. There are many charcoal suppliers in USA, such as Kingsford, Royal Oak, Duraflame, Fire & Flavor, Cooks International, Fogo Charcoal, Two Trees Products, Kamodo Joe, Saint Louis Charcoal Company, B&B Charcoal, The Original Charcoal Company and The Charcoal Supply Company. Kingsford and Royal Oak are two leading local companies in USA. In 2016, Kingsford charcoal sales account for 74.75% of USA total sales. Royal Oak charcoal sales share is 15.11% in 2016. Market concentration in this industry is high in USA.

In the future, we predict that USA demand for charcoal will continue to increase. By 2022, USA total consumption will be 1107 K MT. Price will be 1010 USD/MT by then.

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