Our Team

Our team is a group of highly educated and experienced professionals



YanHua Peng CEO
Professor, in technology research and development for more than 30 years of experience electrician,
Professional industrial cluster control; handle government relations,
International and domestic capital operation.
Have the domestic and international financial capital, good depth interviews, data processing, view summary.
In the new energy, automotive, communications, consumer electronics, electricity, and other areas of large-scale project experience.
Ella Manager
American citizenship, Israeli Jews.
Semiconductor company for more than 20 years of experience of working experience in.
Engineering consulting industry has more than 23 years of experience, IPO listed counseling, in-depth investigation.
Long-term sustained focus on advisory services.
We specialize in in-depth interviews, data processing, market access consulting, technology consulting, capital operation.
Betty Manager
Hong Kong University postdoctoral. He worked at the Institute of Psychology.
With over 8 years of working experience.
Familiar with the psychology and statistics.
Published numerous research papers psychology, statistics and related magazine publications.
Late focusing on consumer satisfaction surveys and analysis, and statistical data processing and statistical analysis.
Peter Senior analyst
Software Test Specialist.With over 6 years of working experience.
Computer-related professional, familiar with IT network communication mechanism for HTTP
Have a more profound understanding and experience, network programming experience.
Familiar with Android SDK, Android familiar with in-depth research and databases.
David Chemical analyst
Chemical Engineering.
Polymer materials, chemical technology, household chemicals, fine chemicals, applied chemistry and other related fields;
For chemical equipment, containers, etc. have a full understanding and contacts, have a solid theoretical basis and practical experience;
Import responsible for new products, new technology and tracking.
Jimmy Chief
With more than 5 years of technical operations and management team building experience, deep technical background,
A number of project management experience in the technology research firm Decision roadmap for some big companies have research include: training players, such as performance evaluation and incentives summary of the technology market have a certain sensitivity, can grasp market developments.
Anna Biological analyst
With over 5 years of working experience.
Related industries such as hot melt adhesive, operating experience FMCG industry hot melt adhesive.
For production applications publicity materials related products have a certain experience, biological, food, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals and other related professionals have conducted research.
In 2013, it was tested for microbial sterility operation and understanding.
Jack Electrical Engineer
Electrical automation, mechatronics and other related professionals.
Have engaged in non-standard automated production line design, Yaskawa, Fallante robots have LCD production line design experience to guide site to complete the installation related electrical equipment, commissioning work.
Johnson Automation Analyst
Automobile construction, body design, mechanical design, drawing and metal body and other related knowledge have research experience,.
Familiar with welding, painting process, can develop an appropriate positioning holes, holes and other electrophoresis leakage.
Familiar with the "SE" analysis The basic methods are studied electrical.
Kevin Machinery Analyst
Machinery manufacturing.
Products mechanical structure, mechanical parts design, material selection studies.
With the circuit with the completion of product design engineer with five years of work experience in research.
Bella IT industry analyst
Graduate students,
With over 5 years of working experience.
Technical background in mechanical engineering, computer applications, computer science and technology or software engineering, bio-technology or bio-engineering
Other related fields; to have a full understanding of relevant professional and analysis.
Fanny Electricity business analyst
Had a certain experience of B2B e-business platform for e-commerce have a certain understanding
Strong customer development ability
Able to work independently can complete a high-end office equipment
We have five years of research experience.