Information products can not offer refund services, but GlobalInfoResearch can share more information or data in order to help client get what they need. generanly, one client should select their products before purchase, but some time, when a report purchase, the client can not 100% understand what is the content depth, so GlobalInfoResearch hope clients should discuss and phone interview with report publishers and confirm the publishers are a professional expert in the industry and also with long term experience, thus their products or reports maybe better than others who can not introduced details information about the industries. and then, the client can make an order and purchase the report, but when the client got the report, there are also often with some problems,such as the reports contents is not enough prefessional or data is not satisfy client require. here GlobalInfoResearch will help share more information or data as GlobalInfoResearch already with the data base or information of the industries,and also hope the client will be satisfy with GlobalInfoResearch reports. so when a client found there are some problems of the reports, be sure contact with us, we will help deal with any problems or questions of GlobalInfoResearch reports.