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North America Noise Monitoring Stations Occupied 28.94% Of The Sales Market In 2018
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A noise monitoring station mainly consists of measurement instrumentation (sound level meter and weather proof microphone), computer and communication module (router or modem), an optional weather sensor, an uninterruptable power supply (UPS), sensors for vandalism protection, power loss and temperature, a weather proof cabinet and a tilting mast. Noise Monitoring Stations are monitoring stations used to measure noise at airports, construction sites or urban communities.

For industry structure analysis, the Noise Monitoring Stations industry is not concentrated. These manufacturers range from large multinational corporations to small privately owned companies compete in this industry. The top five producers account for 51.76% of the revenue market. Regionally, North America is the biggest revenue area, also the leader in the whole Noise Monitoring Stations industry. 

The sales of Noise Monitoring Stations increased fast from 10071 units in 2014 to 12076 units in 2018 with an average growth rate of 4.65%.

Third, North America occupied 28.94% of the sales market in 2018. It is followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific, which respectively account for around 26.37% and 24.88% of the global total industry. Other countries have a smaller amount of sales. 

For price trend analysis, a key variable in the performance of Noise Monitoring Stations producers is raw material costs, specifically the speed at which any increase can be passed through to customers. 

Although the market competition of Noise Monitoring Stations is fierce globally, there are many enterprises can obtain considerable profit form the manufacturing and marketing of Noise Monitoring Stations and that is the reason that we believe there will also be enterprises enter this market. But it is suggested that enterprises those have plans to enter this industry have careful analysis of this market and the advantages or disadvantages of themselves.