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Europe Nicotine Pouches Market Took Up About 71.2% The Global Market In 2018
Wednesday, 05 Aug, 2020
The Nicotine Pouch is dedicated to tobacco derived nicotine products. It is a smoke-free, spit-free, tobacco-derived nicotine pouch. It comes in a variety of flavors and strengths, can be used anywhere to provide the ultimate in nicotine satisfaction.

Depending on taste, Nicotine Pouches are mainly classified into the following types: Coffee Flavors, Mint Flavors, Fruit Flavors, etc. Mint Flavors is the most widely used type which takes up about 37.3% of the global market in 2018.

According to sales channels, Nicotine Pouches are mainly sold through offline and online channels. And offline channel was the most widely used type which took up about 86.1% of the global total in 2018. 

The global Nicotine Pouches average cost is influenced by the global trend. The average price will be fluctuating with the fluctuation of raw material prices. The Nicotine Pouches market size will reach about 7180 million USD in 2024 from 216 million USD in 2018 all around the world, with the CAGR of 79.4%.

Europe is the largest consumption region of Nicotine Pouches in the world in the past few years and it will keep increasing in the next few years. Europe market took up about 71.2% the global market in 2018, while North America was about 28.5%. 

Swedish Match, Chill of Sweden, Inc., Dryft, The Art Factory AB, Triumph Pouches, Skruf, JTI Sweden, etc. are the key suppliers in the global Nicotine Pouches market. Top 3 took up about 72% of the global market in 2018. 

In the recent years, with the further development of the global campaign against tobacco, the consumption increase of Nicotine Pouches has been obvious. In the foreseeable future, the Nicotine Pouches will show an optimistic upward trend.

Although sales of Nicotine Pouches bring a lot of opportunities, the study group recommends the new entrants who just have money but without technical advantage, raw materials advantage and downstream support, do not enter the Nicotine Pouches field hastily.