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Asia-Pacific AIM (Acrylic Impact Modifier) Market Size Was 127 Million USD In 2017
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AIM (acrylic impact modifier) is additive of PVC. There are two major type of AIM (acrylic impact modifier), the manufacturers are namely Arkema, Kaneka and Dow LG Chem, and they are the major players of AIM (acrylic impact modifier) in Global region.

AIM (acrylic impact modifier) is a concentrated industry with leading companies takes the major share in global market. The top 4player took 82.3% market share in 2017.

Germany, France and UK are the major consumption country of AIM (acrylic impact modifier) in Europe. meanwhile. Germany and France is major supply region for the product. The three regions contributed about 67% share in Europe region in 2017.  while China Japan and Korea are the major consumption countries in Asia. 

The largest consumption area of AIM (acrylic impact modifier) is Outdoor Furniture, which accounted for 22% of AIM (acrylic impact modifier) consumption in 2017. Pipeline and Door Frames are also important application of AIM (acrylic impact modifier), which accounted for 19.2% and 19.9% of Global market in 2017 separately. 

The Asia-Pacific AIM (acrylic impact modifier) market size was 127million USD in 2017 and it will be 251 million USD in 2024, with a Growth Rate of 9.55% from 2019 to 2024.

At present, the use of AIM has become quite common in Europe. But there are so many substitutes. Therefore, it restricts the further expansion of its market. Several big manufacturers have begun to look for new markets, such as Dow, which has started co production in china. Occupy the Asia Pacific market as soon as possible.