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China Suspension System Capacity Is Nearly 229070 K UnitsAnd The Actual Sales Is About 194314 K Units
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In the last several years, China market of Suspension System developed stably, with an average growth rate of 9.28%. In 2015, China capacity of Suspension System is nearly 229070 K Units, and the actual sales is about 194314 K units.

In the future, China will be one of the very important consumption markets of Suspension System. In the developing countries, as the rapid development of national economy and continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the vehicle population is increasing stably, which brings more opportunities to Auto Suspension System Industry.

With the increasing demand of automobile comfort, the high quality suspension system may have a tremendously strong market in the near years, especially for the middle and high-end automobile industry. The Active Suspension System and Air ride Suspension System may have larger market share in developing country’s automobile industry.

The technology development of suspension system may consistently boom, especially on high-tech suspension system. The trend of suspension is lighter and more comfortable, which means the new materials can replace the steel. 

In summary, the China consumption of auto suspension system is 48671 K units in 2015, the price may lower than before, and the demand may increase in the future. With the development of technology, the air-ride and active type suspension system may have larger market share.