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Global Automotive LED Lighting Production Is 110 Million Units, At Value Of 6047 M USD In 2017
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In the last several years, the development of global Automotive LED Lighting market is fast. In 2017, the global Automotive LED Lighting production is 110 million units, at value of 6047 M USD.
Europe is the largest supplier of Automotive LED Lighting with market share of 42% in 2017. Followed Europe, China is the second largest supplier, with market share of 20.7%.
Europe is the largest consumption market of Automotive LED Lighting with market share of 41% in 2017. China is also the second largest consumption market, following Europe, occupying 22.7% market share.
China is becoming a more and more important market both in production and consumption market. It enjoyed the fast development speed in the last several years.
As the development speed, the global production of Automotive LED Lighting is expected to be 285 million units, with value of 12618 M USD in 2025.