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Global BabyNes Market Size Was About 500 Million USD In 2018
Wednesday, 06 May, 2020
BabyNes is a beverage machine by Nestle that makes infant formula from single-use capsules, similar to Nestle's Nespresso. BabyNes? capsules help prevent oxidation and loss of active ingredients.

BabyNes capsules technology helps ensure a freshly reconstituted formula with the optimal nutrients for you and your baby at every preparation.

Nestle BabyNes is a startup of the Nutrition division of Nestle, the world’s largest food company. Nestle created BabyNes based on breast milk. BabyNes consists of a high-tech machine and a range of completely new baby nutrition formulas that are suitable for children up to 3 years of age. BabyNes also offers different services that provide parents with all information they need.

After launching in Switzerland in 2011 and France in 2012, Nestle BabyNes has rapidly expanded internationally, introducing the system in China, Hong Kong, and the United States. This expansion fueled the need for a centralized, multilingual customer management platform, fully integrated with BabyNes’ internal systems to provide a comprehensive and coherent service to consumers regardless of location or language spoken.

Presently, only Nestle produces BabyNes and sells under two brands, Wyeth and Gerber. The total BabyNes market size was about 500 million USD in 2018.

The issues limiting development of BabyNes includes the promotion of breast milk as well as the luxury price of BabyNes. Although there are some argues on BabyNes, its market keeps increasing fast. It is estimated that global BabyNes market will reach to 2119 million USD in 2025, with the CAGR of 22.90% during 2018-2025.