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Global sales of bentonite was 16.5 million tons in 2016, and it will reach 19.5 million tons in 2022
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The global sales of bentonite was 16.5 million tons in 2016, and it will reach 19.5 million tons in 2022; while in revenue, it was 974.0 million USD in 2016, and will be 1086 million USD in 2022, with a CAGR of 1.8% between 2016 and 2022.The bentonite industry concentration is low; there are more than one hundred manufacturers distributed around the world.


United States is the largest producer and consumer, due to its rich reserves and strong demnd of bentonite. In North America, the market concentration in very high, most of bentonite is concentrated in Wyoming and developed by few manufacturers like Amcol, Bentonite Performance Minerals LLC (BPM), Wyo-Ben Inc, Black Hills Bentonite and Tolsa Group (acquired the assets of U.S. Bentonite in the end of 2014).


In Europe, Greece, Fracne, Italy, Slovakia, Netherlands, UK, Russia and Germany are the major producers, and the market is dominated by few players like Imerys (S&B), Clariant, Bentonite Company LLC (Russia), Laviosa Minerals SpA, LKAB Minerals and Tolsa Group etc.


In Asia-Pacific, the market concentration is low, the manufacturing bases are mainly distributed in China, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, and the market is dominated by lots of small and medium-sized manufacturers, like Ashapura and Star Bentonite Group in India; Huawei Bentonite, Fenghong New Material, Chang'an Renheng, Liufangzi Bentonite and Ningcheng Tianyu in China; These manufacturers mainly supply the low-end products, low added-value, low price and fierce competition. In addition, the giants like Amcol, Imerys (S&B) and Clariant, have entered the Asia-Pacific market, through acquisition or joint venture.


The South America is also dominated by lots of few players, but Clariant purhcased Brazilian company CBB in 2015; in future, the market will market became more concentrated and dominated by the giants like Clariant, Amcol and Imerys (S&B).


In Middle East and Africa, Turkey, South Africa and Morocco are the top producers, and the global giants and some local manufacturers are playing important roles in this regions, like Imerys (S&B), Clariant, LKAB Minerals, Canbensan, Aydın Bentonit and KarBen.


And in terms of the price of bentonite, it remained steady and increased slightly in the past several years, and it will be stable in the following years.