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Global production for Bromine is estimated to be around 546 KMT in 2017
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Present Global production for Bromine is estimated to be around 546 KMT in 2017.The annual growth rate in demand is estimated to be around 2% per year from 2017 to 2024.

In the recent years, bromine capacity showed a trend of steady growth. At present, the major manufacturers of bromine are concentrated in ICL, Albemarle and Chemtura Corporation. ICL-IP is the world's largest bromine producer having access to the largest and richest bromine reserves at the Dead-Sea. China is the largest producer and consumers in Asian.

Regionally, Middle East the major world producer of Bromine, followed by USA. Leading supplier in Middle East are ICL and Jordan Bromine Company (JBC). Albemarle and Chemtura Corporation are only two suppliers from USA.

Apart from dead sea, recovery of Bromine form brine well is mainly done in US, China mainly extract from underground water, while India mainly extract from lake.

Still the largest end-use for bromine compounds, flame retardants account for 40.37% of world bromine consumption in 2017. Other promising new sectors for bromine include swimming pool disinfectants, industrial water treatment, air conditioning absorption systems and precious metal leaching. About 31.77% of bromine is consumed in the US, with 9.00% in Europe and 31.77% in Middle East. Flame retardant agent is usually produced close with bromine.