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Global C6-C10 Fatty Alcohol Sales To Reach 465million USD In 2030
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C6-C10 Fatty Alcohol is a small part compared with the higher grade fatty alcohol type because the downstream application of 1-octanol is much smaller thanC12-C14 and C16-C20 alcohol. C6-C10 Fatty Alcohol production is mainly concentrated in South Asia, EU and USA. The main market players are Kao Chem, Ecogreen Oleo, PTTGC, Musim Mas, Sasol, Basf and KLK Oleo, etc

In consumption market, the growth rate of global consumption is smooth relatively. North America, North America and Asia are the main consumption regions. In 2017, the two regions consumed about 72% C6-C10 Fatty Alcohol.

It is mainly used in the fields of cosmetic and personal care, plasticizers and chemical intermediate. The most mature areas are surfactants and plasticizers. In the field of plasticizers, his toxicity limited his use, and because of the large number of substitutes in the field of plasticizers, it has limited its wide application. As for the applications, among various fields, consumption volume from cosmetic and personal care is the largest.

As the manufacturing costs continue to rise, the overall sales price will continue to rise. We expect the overall market will maintain steady growth in the next few years. We expect global sales to reach 465million USD in 2030.