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Global Calcium Acetate Market Has Reached 21625 MT In 2018 From 23016 MT In 2013
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Calcium Acetate is a chemical compound which is a calcium salt of acetic acid. It has the formula Ca (C2H3O2)2.

Global calcium acetate market has reached 21625 MT in 2018 from 23016 MT in 2013. The CAGR is about -1.24% in 2013-2018. The reason for this is the change in the Chinese market. Niacet is the global leader in USA, with 14.20% of the global calcium acetate production. Wuxi Yangshan Biochemical and Tengzhou Zhongzheng Chemical are leading manufacturers in China. Market in China is more separated, compared with USA and Europe. USA and Europe are the main import regions of calcium acetate. China is the main export areas of calcium acetate.

Production amount of calcium acetate in China has reached 8377 MT by the end of year 2018. For demand market of calcium acetate, there is also a certain space in the next few years. China is the main export area, where calcium acetate is mainly exported to Europe and United States.

Calcium acetate is used in a wide variety of applications. The major uses are in the production of industrial, food additives; pharmaceutical, feed & agricultural etc. industrial is the main application of calcium acetate, accounting 65.46 % of the global consumption.

In the next few years, due to the gradual recovery of the global economy, the downstream market demand will grow slowly. Consequently, we believe the world production of calcium acetate in the coming years will reach 27074 MT in 2024. Although sales of calcium acetate brought a lot of opportunity, the study group recommends the new entrants just having money but without technical advantage and downstream support do not enter into the calcium acetate field.