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Global Carbon Dioxide Market Is Valued At 5376.6 Million USD In 2018
Thursday, 03 Sep, 2020
Carbon dioxide is a chemical compound composed of one carbon and two oxygen atoms. It is often referred to by its formula CO2. It is present in the Earth's atmosphere at a low concentration and acts as a greenhouse gas. In its solid state, it is called dry ice. It is a major component of the carbon cycle.

Carbon Dioxide is mainly produced from chemical by-product as feedstock. Carbon Dioxide are used in a variety of purity grades and for a wide range of purposes, including 2N, 2N-4N and >4N. 

Typical user sectors include Chemicals and Petroleum Industry, Metals Industry, Food and Beverages, Health Care and Pharmaceuticals, etc.

The global Carbon Dioxide market is valued at 5376.6 million USD in 2018 is expected to reach 7657.98 million USD by the end of 2026, growing at a CAGR of 4.33% during 2020-2026.
China is one of the major market for carbon dioxide, accounting for about 27.4% of global demand in 2018, the largest consumption region is North America, about 29.8% market share in 2018. Other Asia and Europe accounting for about 18.5%, and 17.3%, respectively. Out of the total global merchant market for carbon dioxide, about 24% each are for the beverage and food industries, followed by fabricated metal products at 15%.

When considering the Carbon Dioxide supply mode, three modes are preferred: on-site, bulk/merchant and packaged/cylinder. Each supply mode has its own characteristics and all of Carbon Dioxide manufacturers operate their gas business under the three modes. 

The global Carbon Dioxide market is highly concentrated as it is mainly dominated by three giants, Linde Group, Air Liquide, Air Products and Chemicals. 

It is estimated that global Carbon Dioxide market will keep increasing in the coming few years, supported by the various downstream industries. Also, with higher market concentration, insiders think that leading giants will have more rights on gas pricing.