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Global Cheese Powder Average Price Varied About 9319 $/MT In 2013 To 9910 $/MT In 2017
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Cheese powder is an important food ingredient in daily life. Main products from producers are cheddar cheese powder, american cheese powder, gouda cheese powder and mozzarella cheese powder, etc. Currently, cheddar cheese powderis the largest type of the cheese powder market with a share of about 36.73% in 2017. 

Raw material of cheese powder is milk. Also, manufacture process is mature, so there are many suppliers all over the world. Global major players are Lactosan, Kerry, WILD Flavors, Lácteos La Cristina, NZMP, Kraft Heinz Ingredients, DairiConcepts, Primo Cheese, Glanbia Foods and Indesso, etc. Global top ten players’ total sales share is 53.85% in 2016. Market concentration in this industry is not high.

During 2013-2017, Global cheese powder average price varied about 9319 $/MT in 2013 to 9910 $/MT in 2017, which is influenced by raw milk price. Global consumption also varied from 84349 MT in 2013 to 103615 MT in 2017, with an average increase rate of 5.27%. We predict that global demand for cheese powder will continue to increase. By 2024, global demand will be 136.5 K MT.

Global major consumption regions are distributed in North America and Europe, which have traditional cheese eating habits. In 2017, Europe consumed 36185 MT, with a consumption share of 34.92%. Followed by Europe, North America consumption accounts for 31.95% of global total consumption.

Despite the presence of competition problems, some investors are still optimistic about this area; the future will still have more new investments to enter the field.

Although to sale cheese powder brings some opportunity, the study group recommends the new entrants do not to enter into the cheese powder field if you just have money without technical advantage and downstream support.