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Global Cellulose Powder Production Was 42535 MT In 2017
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Cellulose powder is manufactured from natural wood cellulose and finely meshed. It is widely used in applications such as food, health food, cosmetics, filter aids, and resins, and is harmless for human because it is dietary fiber. It is also environmentally friendly as it has mild biodegradability.

The cellulose powder manufacturers are mainly distributed in EU, US and India while there are a few manufacturers in China producing the cellulose powder. Europe has a long history and unshakable status in this industry, especially in Western Europe where people cellulose powder consumption is higher than other regions in the world. 

Few company have several plants, usually close to aimed consumption market. All manufactures in the world are committed to the improvement of product. These two years, some manufactures in developing countries cannot catch up with the developed countries’ technology.

In terms of volume, the global Cellulose Powder Production was 42535 MT in 2017, and it is predicted to reach 54769 MT in 2024. It is estimated that the global cellulose powder demand will develop with an average growth rate of about 3.68% in the coming few years.