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Global Chlor-Alkali Ion Exchange Membrane Market Size Was 455.72 Million USD In 2017
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Chlor-alkali Ion Exchange Membrane is used in electrolyzers at electrolysis plants in which brine is decomposed. It plays a key part in manufacturing caustic soda (sodium hydroxide)/caustic potash (potassium hydroxide), chlorine, and hydrogen-basic chemical products required in our daily lives.

Global chlor-alkali ion exchange membrane market is highly concentrated, with three company dominated the global market. Asahi Kasei is the largest player in the market, with volume share reached to 46.50% in 2017. Chemours has more customers in American and European market, while AGC is more welcomed in developing regions. China takes a major share in global chlor-alkali industry, followed by Europe and the United States. In China, foreign brands occupy large proportion of the chlor-alkali ion exchange membrane market. There is only one manufacturer in China, Dongyue Group with its business still in startup stage. Since the chlor-alkali is in modest developing stage. Owing to high technology barrier, it is expected that no significant players would enter into chlor-alkali membrane market in the near future. 

During 2013 to 2017, Chlor-alkali Ion Exchange Membrane industry developed fast with a 4.03% production growth rates. In recent years, with the fast increasing attention on caustic soda, emerging countries have been main driving forces of the market, especially China, India and Brazil.

The Global Chlor-alkali Ion Exchange Membrane market size was 455.72 million USD in 2017 and it will be 544.68 million USD in 2024, with a Growth Rate of 2.58% from 2017 to 2024.