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Global Clinical Laboratory Test Market Revenue Was Valued At 219872 M USD In 2017
Monday, 22 Jun, 2020
Clinical laboratory tests is a group of medical tests carried out in a laboratory equipped with all aspects of laboratory medicine and instruments. These tests are performed on clinical specimen to obtain information about the health of patients, and diagnosis & treatment of their respective condition.

The global revenue of Clinical Laboratory Test market was valued at 219872 M USD in 2017 and is expected to reach USD 320822 M USD in 2023. In the future six years, we predict the CAGR of global revenue is 6.50%.

Americas has the largest global revenue in Clinical Laboratory Test market, while the Europe is the second sales volume market for Clinical Laboratory Test in 2017. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has estimated that in 2017 there were approximately 9,000 hospital-based laboratories, more than 122,000 physician-office laboratories and more than 6,000 independent clinical laboratories in the U.S.

In the industry, Quest Diagnostics profits most in 2017 and recent years, while Laboratory Corporation of America and Abbott ranked 2 and 3.The market share of them is 3.37%, 3.26% and 2.55% in 2017.The gap of market share is keep on enlarged due to different strategy.

Nowadays, there are nine mainly types of Clinical Laboratory Test, including Complete Blood Count, HGB/HCT Testing, Basic Metabolic Panel Testing, BUN Creatinine Testing, Electrolytes Testing, HbA1c Testing, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Testing, Liver Panel Testing and Others. And Basic Metabolic Panel Testing is the main type for Clinical Laboratory Test, and the Basic Metabolic Panel Testing reached a sales value of approximately 33713 M USD in 2017, with 15.33% of global sales value.

At present, there is no large monopoly company in the Asia-Pacific market. In the future, the Asia-Pacific market will have a great opportunity for the global big companies.