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The global cold milling machine average price is in the decline trend, from 326 K $/unit in 2013 to 297 K $/unit in 2017.
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Cold milling machine is mainly classified into three types: Large Size, Medium Size, Small Size. The most of large size type is with cutting width of 2-2.4m, the most of Medium Size is 1-1.3m and the small size type mainly includes 0.35m, 0.5, etc. And Large size type is the most widely used type which takes up about 42.3% of the global total in 2017, followed by medium size type with share of 37.8%.


The global cold milling machine average price is in the decline trend, from 326 K $/unit in 2013 to 297 K $/unit in 2017. The price will be in decline trend if more capacity goes into operation and price of the raw material get reduction in the future. The cold milling machine sales will reach about 3174 units in 2017 from 2623 units in 2013 all around the world, with the CAGR of 4.88%.


Europe is the largest consumption country of cold milling machine in the world in the past few years and it will keep the same position in the next few years. European market took up about 38% the global market in 2017, followed by USA (24%), and China is followed with the share about 21%.


Germany, USA, China, Italy, France and Sweden are now the key producers of cold milling machines. There are some producers with low price, poor quality products in China. Some of them bought core component from foreign enterprises, such as Caterpillar, Wirtgen, etc. The high quality products are mainly supplied by overseas producers.


Wirtgen, CMI, Caterpillar, RoadTec, XCMG, Bomag, Huatong Kinetics, Sany Group, John Deere, Xi'an Hongda, SCMC, XRMC, Atlas Copco, LiuGong, XGMA, Dingsheng and Zoomlion are the key producers in the global cold milling machine market. Top ten took up about 90% of the global production in 2017. Wirtgen hold about half of the global market while CMI, Caterpillar, etc. which have leading technology and market position, are wellknown suppliers around the world, and XCMG, Huatong Kinetics, Sany Group and Xi'an Hongda are the leading supplier in China with the total local share of about 50%.