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The global total colloidal silica consumption volume in 2017 is 743 thousand tonnes.
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The global total colloidal silica consumption volume in 2017 is 743 thousand tonnes. The world's major consumer market is Europe and the United States and Japan. China is the world's largest consumer market. At the same time, China is also the world's largest investment casting and coating production market. China's consumer prices are relatively cheap. Europe, the United States and Japan are at the same level. In 2017, China and the United States accounted for 41% and 17% of the global consumption market. The global colloidal silica consumer market was valued at $ 875 million in 2017.


In the global market, AkzoNobel and Grace are world leaders. AkzoNobel and Grace have six production bases around the world. In 2017, AkzoNobel and Grace accounted for 12.05% and 11.38% of the sales volume share. In the US market, AkzoNobel, Grace, Nalco, Klebosol (Merck KGaA), Nissan Chemical, Remet and Nyacol are the main participants. In the European market, AkzoNobel, Grace, Evonik, Klebosol (Merck KGaA), Chemiewerk Bad Köstritz and Sterling Chemicals are market leaders. In the Chinese market, there are many Chinese competitors. AkzoNobel, Guangdong Well-Silicasol, Qingdao Kido, Yinfeng Silicon and Zhejiang Yuda Chemical are the market leaders. In the Japanese market, Fuso Chemical, Nissan Chemical and Adeka are Japan's Big Three.


Particle size and pH are what differ most between the grades of colloidal silica. In actual production, there are generally four types of colloidal silica. These four types are alkaline colloidal silica, acidic colloidal silica, modified colloidal silica and ordinary colloidal silica. Alkaline colloidal silica and acidic colloidal silica are the most commercially available types. In 2017, alkaline colloidal silica accounted for 65% of the sales market.


Colloidal silica is widely used in various industries: Investment Casting, Catalysts, Textiles & Fabrics, Refractories, Polishing, Paints & Coatings, Paper Industry and Others. Investment casting industry is the largest downstream application, which occupied about 23.86% market share of global colloidal silica consumption. Paints & Coatings and Polishing (Electronic) are the second and third largest applications with 17.52% and 15% market share.


In the future, we believe that this market will grow slowly. As a production enterprise, enterprises should actively expand marketing channels, expand downstream applications.