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Global Consumption Amount Of Electric Motorcycles & Scooters Was Around 19374 K Units In 2018
Wednesday, 06 May, 2020
Electric two-wheelers, as indicates itself, is electricity-powered two-wheelers. A battery pack and a motor are installed to store and transform the electricity. A user control is usually attached to the handle bar to brake and adjust the speed.

Electric scooters are plug-in electric vehicles with two or three wheels powered by electricity. The electricity is stored on board in a rechargeable battery, which drives one or more electric motors. Electric foldable scooters have a step-through frame.

Electric Scooters can be classified as With Seat and Without Seat Electric Scooters. Asia-Pacific is the largest region of the Electric Scooters products. In the past several years, the global Electric Motorcycles & Scooters market is relatively stable with CAGR of 4.77% from 2014 to 2019. In 2018, the global actual consumption amount of Electric Motorcycles & Scooters was around 19374 K Units. 

The global average price of Electric Scooters is in fluctuation in 2014-2018, from about 250 $/Unit in 2014 to 247 $/Unit in 2018. Prices will be on a downward trend as demand becomes saturated. The sales volume of Electric Scooters will reach to around 26490 K Unit in 2025 from 20288 K Units in 2019 all around the world, with the CAGR of 4.55%.

China is the largest sales market of Electric Scooters in the world in the past few years and it will keep the same position in the next years. China sales volume took up about 85.81% the global market in 2018, but it has changed in 2019 due to the saturated demand (means that the demand is relatively rated, but the production increased too fast and began to be oversupply). China sales share dropped to 85.46% in 2019. At the same time, the export to Europe and USA increased dramatically. Apparently, many Chinese producers of Electric Scooters are trying their best to look for new growing-market, while Chinese market is in fierce competition and some small players have quitted this business especially in recent years.

Currently, Yadea, AIMA, Lvyuan, Sunra, TAILG, Lima, Ninebot, BYVIN, HONG ER DA, Lvjia are the top ten players in the global Electric Scooters market. The Govecs (from Germany), Razor (From USA) are other key brands outside China.