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Global Corporate Secretarial Services Market Increased Sales Value By 2.50 Percent To $811.81 Million In 2017
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Faced with rapidly changing legislation and regulatory requirements, every international business needs to ensure it is in good corporate order, ensuring full compliance through the use of local knowledge and expertise. 

Many companies do not have a dedicated company secretary and need professional guidance and support to cope with ever-changing rules, regulations and best practice. This is one of driving force of Corporate Secretarial Services market development.

Compared to 2016, Global Corporate Secretarial Services market increased sales value by 2.50 percent to $811.81 million in 2017. Overall, the Global Corporate Secretarial Services market performance is positive, despite the weak economic environment. 

The Global Corporate Secretarial Services market is expected to increase to $957.94 million by 2023 from $832.14 million in 2018, growing at a CAGR of 2.86% from 2018 to 2023.

The market is extremely competitive with vendors competing to gain a greater market share. Players in the market are constantly looking for ways to increase their market share through mergers and acquisitions and partnerships, as well as raising funding. 

Among them, TMF Group is the leading player in the Global Corporate Secretarial Services market with the market share of 10.78% in 2017, in terms of revenue. And the Top 30 companies listed in our report currently account for more than 84.48% of the total market share and are expected to retain their dominating hold over the market during the forecast period.