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Global Cut flowers revenue was 41348 million USD in 2017
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Cut flowers belong to the family of floriculture. Floriculture involves propagating, growing and marketing cut flowers, flower seeds and seedlings, bulb growing, nursery operation, chemical protection of plants, post-harvest storage and handling and use of preservatives. It is an international, multi-billion dollar industry.

Global cut flowers revenue was 41348 million USD in 2017. Europe is the largest production base, followed by China. 

As for consumption, Europe is also the largest consumer of cut flowers, with 51.88% consumption share in 2017. North America and China are also key consumers. In addition, on the consumption side of the business, the rise of online Floriculture sales is definitely one of these trends.

In export market, the Netherlands is still a major junction in global cut flower trade, but the four cut flower exporters close to the equator—Colombia, Kenya, Ecuador and Ethiopia—are gathering speed. The Netherlands plays a key role in the global cut flowers trading as it has more than 40% export share. When refers to the import side, Europe, USA and Japan are the major importers.

By air is the traditional transportation of Floriculture. However, although the transport of flowers by sea container is still under development, the rise of transporting Floriculture products by sea appears to be unstoppable. Transport by sea is substantially less expensive than transport by air. There is also growing knowledge about how to condition flowers in containers and there are more and more possibilities for monitoring the conditions in a container. This and increasingly better port facilities and availability of container ships make transport by sea attractive.

With the gradual improvement of life quality, demand of cut flowers keeps upward. Market participants anticipate that the total revenue of cut flowers will reach to 66208 million USD in 2025, with the CAGR of 6.06% during the period of 2017-2025.