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Global Dental Needles Consumption Is Nearly 715 M Units In 2018
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Dental Needles is a sterile dental needle used in Dental syringe, helping a dentist to numb various areas of a patient’s mouth in preparation for oral care procedures. In the last several years, global market of dental needles developed rapidly, with an average growth rate of 6.82%. In 2018, global consumption of dental needles is nearly 715 M Units.

Americas is the largest supplier and consumption market of dental needles, with a sales market share nearly 40%. 

The second largest market is Asia (without China) with the consumption market share about 29%.  Europe is another important market of dental needles, occupied 25% production market share.

With the aging problem becoming more serious, demand of Dental Needles will increase.

The technology of Dental Needles is low, but the demand of Dental Needles will increase. So the manufacturers which produce needles can invest in this industry.

The US was the highest revenue generator in the market, primarily driven by the rising demand for cosmetic corrections among people, increasing dental deformity cases, and an increasing prevalence of maxillofacial deformities or trauma. This was followed by EMEA with technological advancement as the most important market driver. In APAC, the emerging market conditions and high population have contributed to the growth of the dental syringes market.