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Global Diffractive Optical Elements Market Is Valued At 524.44 Million USD In 2017
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Currently, there are many producing companies in the world. The main market players are Jenoptik, Holo/Or Ltd., HORIBA, Newport Corporation, Zeiss, Shimadzu Corporation, Edmund Optics, Lightsmyth (Finisar), Optometrics (Dynasil), Kaiser Optical Systems and so on. 

In consumption market, the global revenue has increased to 524.44 Million USD in 2017 from 430.98 Million USD in 2013.

North America is the largest consumption regions of Diffractive Optical Element, with a revenue market share nearly 28.85% in 2017. 

The second place is Europe; following North America with the revenue market share over 25.71% in 2017. 

Diffractive Optical Element used for Laser Material Processing, Medical and Other. Report data showed that 67.23% of the Diffractive Optical Element market demand for Laser Material Processing in 2017. 

There are many kinds of Diffractive Optical Element, such as Beam Shaping / Top-Hat, Beam Splitting and Beam Foci. Beam Splitting is important in the Diffractive Optical Element industry, with a revenue market share nearly 57.72% in 2017.