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Global Digital Multimeter (DMM) Market Is Valued At 1067.7 Million USD In 2017
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Currently, there are plenty of producing companies in the world. The Global market main players are Fluke Corporation, Keysight, FLIR, Rohde & Schwarz, Victor, UNI-T, HIOKI, Chauvin Arnoux Group, Klein Tools, B&K Precision Corporation, and so on. The Global revenue of Digital Multimete is about 1067.7 Million USD in 2017. 

In Europe consumption market, the consumption value has increased to 282.9 Million USD in 2017 from 248.6 Million USD in 2013.

China is the largest consumption country of Digital Multimete, with a sales market share nearly 34.25% in 2017.

The second region is North America, following China with the sales market share of 20.56% in 2017. 

Digital Multimete used in Industrial Manufacturing, Commercial and Public Utilities. Report data showed that 62.22% of the Digital Multimete market demand in Industrial Manufacturing in 2017. 

There are main three kinds of Digital Multimete, which are Handheld Type, Bench-top Type and others. Handheld Type is important in the Digital Multimete, with a consumption market share nearly 81.05% in 2017.