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North America Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction (DPCR) With About 97.67% Production Share And 45.08% Consumption Market Share In 2018
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Digital PCR is a highly precise approach to sensitive nucleic acid detection and quantification. Each sample is partitioned into thousands of individual reactions (droplets for Droplet Digital? PCR technology). Each partition is analyzed after end-point PCR cycling for the presence or absence of a fluorescent signal, and the absolute number of molecules present in the sample is calculated. dPCR does not require a standard curve for quantification.

In 2018, Global dPCR total market size was 230 Million USD, with a steady growth in recent years, according to our analysis, the market is expected to reach 462 Million USD by the end of 2025. Factors such as the growth in the geriatric population, rising incidence of infectious diseases and genetic disorders, technological advancements in the field of digital PCR, and increasing investments and availability of funds for PCR-based research are driving the growth of the global dPCR market.

On the basis of technology, the dPCR Instrument market is categorized into chip-based technology and Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR system). The chip-based technology segment is expected to account for the larger share of the global dPCR market in 2018; which is also expected to grow at the higher growth rate during the forecast period. Factors such as ongoing technological developments in dPCR, continued expansion in distribution networks of emerging dPCR product manufacturers in global markets, and growing private funding to develop and commercialize innovative dPCR instruments are contributing to the growth of the dPCR market.

On the basis of application, the dPCR market is categorized into Research, Diagnostic and Biopharma. The clinical applications are expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period owing to the technological benefits offered by dPCR over qPCR and traditional PCR, growing adoption of dPCR among hospitals and diagnostic centers, increasing global burden for infectious diseases and cancer, and expansion in distribution networks of emerging dPCR product manufacturers.

Geographically, North America holds the largest market share, with about 97.67% production share and 45.08% consumption market share in 2018. The strong position of North America in this market can be attributed to factors such as increase in public and private funding and growing number of research grants to support gene-based research. Asia-Pacific is projected to be the fastest-growing region in the dPCR market owing to increasing focus of global life sciences market players on this region, burgeoning efforts to increase awareness related to gene-based disease diagnosis and treatment, growing public and private support to develop novel dPCR technologies. Due to the significant growth opportunities offered by emerging countries, a number of players operating in the market are focusing on expanding their product distribution networks across emerging countries.

In 2018, Major players in dPCR market are Thermo Fisher, Bio-rad, Agilent and Fluidigm. Market concentration is high and the market competition may become more intense with more innovation products, acquisitions and improvement of raw material cost control, etc.