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Global Digital Textile Printing Ink Market Is Valued At USD 712 Million In 2017
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The main production areas are in USA and Europe while the main consumption is in Europe, USA and China. The production was increasing from 2013 to 2017, at the end of 2017, it expects that the production of digital textile printing ink over 16000 KL.

The price of digital textile printing ink is also decline in the past five years because of the market impact. Compared to the traditional printing process, the price of this ink is too high. The global grow margin is at about 40%, and after 2014, the grow margin decreased in a certain extent. 

There are many manufactures of the digital textile printing ink in the world, the largest company occupy about 15% market share, mainly in the United States and Europe. DuPont and Huntsman stands for the industry's development.

The price of products from USA and EU is higher than product produced in developing Country. The manufactures in China should strengthen technology research and development and produce best Digital Textile Printing Ink product.
Print-Rite and Lanyu have made a significant contribution to the development of Chinese Digital Textile Printing Ink industry. Just like Atexco in the printer manufacturing fields.

At present, the textile printing is still a large number of traditional technology, environmental protection, long design cycle, these shortcomings are increasingly prominent. So it provides a good opportunity for the development of this industry.

It expects that more and more manufactures enter into the digital textile printing ink field, the capacity and the production will be increasing fast, the growth rate is about 15% in the next six years.