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China E-Nose Marketoccupied 3.53% Production Market Share In 2018
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An e-Nose (electronic nose) is a device that identifies the specific components of an odor and analyzes its chemical makeup to identify it. An electronic nose consists of a mechanism for chemical detection, such as an array of electronic sensors, and a mechanism for pattern recognition, such as a neural network.

In the coming years there is an increasing demand for Electronic Nose in the regions of North America and Europe that is expected to drive the market for more advanced Electronic Nose. Increasing of environment problems, health and security problems, and so on will drive growth of Electronic Nose market. 

Globally, the Electronic Nose industry market is relativly concentrated as the manufacturing technology of Electronic Nose is in high-tech area. And some enterprises, like Alpha MOS, Airsense, Odotech, have great market share. At the same time, China, occupied 3.53% production market share in 2018, is growing fast in the past few years.

The consumption volume of Electronic Nose is related to downstream industries and global economy. As there will always be some uncertain in the global economy in the following years, the growth rate of Electronic Nose industry may not keep that trend. But it is surely forecasted that the market of Electronic Nose is still promising. 

The product average price declined in the past few years due to the technology development, the average price will keep the trend in the few future years due to increasing mature manufacturing technology and lowing cost of raw materials.

The impact on the cost and availability of raw materials and certain components is uncertain due to potential supply changes. The costs of raw materials have a significant impact on the level of expenses. If the prices of raw materials and related factors such as energy prices increase, and if new companies cannot pass those price increases on to customers, their results of operations and financial condition would suffer.

Although the market competition of Electronic Nose is fierce globally, there are many enterprises can obtain considerable profit form the manufacturing and marketing of Electronic Nose and that is the reason that we believe there will also be enterprises enter this market. But it is suggested that enterprises those have plans to enter this industry have careful analysis of this market and the advantages or disadvantages of themselves.