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Global Excavator Bucket Market Size Was 506.73 Million US$ In 2018
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Excavator buckets are made of solid steel and generally present teeth protruding from the cutting edge, to disrupt hard material and avoid wear-and-tear of the bucket. Subsets of the excavator bucket are: the ditching bucket, trenching bucket, a ditching bucket is a wider bucket with no teeth, 5–6 feet (1.52–1.83 m) used for excavating larger excavations and grading stone. A trenching excavator bucket is normally 6 to 24 in (152 to 610 mm) wide and with protruding teeth.

The global market size of excavator bucket was 506.73 million US$ in 2018, with sales 555,729 units of excavator bucket; it is predicted that the market size will reach 672.61 million US$ in 2025, with sales of 762,473 units of excavator bucket.

The excavator bucket industry has developed maturely and highly competitive. The excavator bucket have a wide range of applications and there are more than one hundred brands for excavator, distributed USA, Japan, Korea, EU and China. In USA, Japan and EU, the market demand of excavator bucket are relatively stable in the past five years, narrower fluctuation. 

But in China, the sales reached 160,517 units excavator bucket in 2018. Despite the market downturn in 2014-2016, the demand was recovering after 2017. Judging from the present condition, it will be 252,108 units consumption in China in 2025.

Globally, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo, Doosan, Kinshofer, Paladin, Empire Bucket, Werk-Brau, ACS Industries, Rockland, Yuchai, Wolong, Hongwing, ESCO, Felco, Kenco, Hensley Industries and VTN Europe S.p.A. are the top players. These manufacturers play important roles in global market. 

North America, Japan, EU and China are the major producers, these regions occupy for over 84 percent of global market. On the other hand, USA, Japan, EU and China are the major consumers, occupy for over 72% of share. In the future, the emerging market will drive the market demand, especially in India, Southeast Asia, South America, Russia, Africa and Middle East Countries. The infrastructure of these regions need further to be developed, with huge potential.

To the excavator technology, the market will trend to miniaturization and ultra-large scale, the mini excavator bucket and frontless excavator bucket develop faster compared to the small and medium-sized. In the future, more manufacturers will launch the mini excavator bucket. 

In the future, the market will be more competitive and the market concentration will be higher, more manufacturers will expand through merger and acquisition, and the small manufacturers will be gradually sifted out.