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Global Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays Market Is Projected To Reach US$3.5 Bn By 2025, Rising From US$1.1 Bn In 2017
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With the increasingly fierce competition in the field of Fine Pixel Pitch LED applications, the LED display structure with smaller volume, stronger performance and higher reliability is becoming the goal of the small spacing LED industry. Under the market trend of point spacing becoming smaller and smaller, the limitation of reliability and reliability of existing surface mount packaging technology is gradually emerging. In the future, if the company can't follow up the advanced technology such as Mini led and COB and realize the continuous innovation of the product, the core competition of the company will be weakened, which will have an adverse effect on the future development of the company.

The continuous pursuit of the display effect of indoor display products in the market Promote the development of LED small spacing products to smaller pitch. The pursuit of high resolution has become an important direction for the development and progress of the industry. With the further development of small pitch technology since 2017, PI.5mm and P2mm Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays has become the mainstream of the industry.

In response to the market trend on narrowing pitch, LED moves toward three technologies, including COB fine pitch LED, QD phosphor reaches RGB technique, and Micro LED display. Moreover, the advantage of Micro LED display includes wide view angle, high brightness and contrast, superior picture quality, and perfectly seamless Image. Meanwhile, traditional display players and LCD players plan to enter Micro LED display market by cooperation and alliance.

With the rapid development of society, LED displays use is also becoming more common. Over the last decade, the usage of the Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays market has grown significantly and adoption of these display will continue to accelerate. Owing to less power consumption and high brightness owing to extensive utilization of Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays across various application segments especially in automotive, media & entertainment and telecommunication among others is predicted to boost the market growth in the coming years. In addition, in the commercial application, these types display is mainly used for information distribution. Thus, the Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays market is anticipated to grow at a steady rate during the forecast period from 2017 to 2025. Furthermore, other major benefits such as compact size, low heat dissipation rate, lower maintenance expenses, and enhanced durability are also forecasting the growth of global Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays market in coming years. The revenue generated by the global fine pixel pitch LED displays market is projected to reach US$3.5 bn by 2025, rising from US$1.1 bn in 2017. The market is expected to register a 15.48% CAGR from 2017 to 2025.

Usages of Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays has gain strong momentum in advertising sector
Global Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays market has been segmented on the basis of product type, end user and geography. Based on the product type, the market for small pitch display market has been segmented into various types which includes up to P2.1-P2.5 mm,P1.7-P2.0 mm,P1.3-P1.69 mm,P1.0-P1.29 mm,below P1mm. In addition, across the globe, usages of Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays has gain strong momentum in advertising sector which in turn is expected to increase the demand of Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays in future years. In international markets, Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displayss have shown strong growth in North America, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Europe. Continuous technological advancement in Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays technology and the growth witnessed in the demand for 4K display technology is likely to positively encouragement the revenue of the global Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays market during the forecast period.

The growth of the video wall market in recent years has had a considerable impact on the fine pixel pitch LED displays market. Video walls are used in various industry verticals such as sports stadiums, retail stores, and restaurants. “Considering the high scalability, power efficiency, and quality resolution display, fine pixel pitch LED displays have gained popularity in video walls applications,” the lead analyst states. Recognizing the potential of these displays, a number of companies have launched new products to gain a competitive edge. For instance, Leyard and Planar launched the Leyard-TWA series of fine pitch LED video walls in June 2016.The fine pixel pitch LED displays market is also fueled by the high flexibility offered by the products and the declining cost of the technology.