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Flotation Reagents sales price decreased from 1431 USD/MT in 2013 to 1411 USD/MT in 2017.
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Flotation reagents are organic or inorganic compounds used for changing surface free energy between two phases in flotation pulp, which allows flotation process. In 2017, 66.42% of Flotation Reagents were used in the manufacturing of Coal, Graphite, Coke, while 18.10% and 15.52% were respectively consumed in Non-Sulfide-Ores and Sulfide Ores.


Generally, Flotation Reagents can be broadly categorized into 6 types: Flotation Frothers, Flotation Promoters/Collectors, Flotation Depressants, Flotation Activators, Flotation Regulators and Others


The production of Flotation Reagents distributed in North America, Europe and China. In 2017, North America produced 263 K MT Flotation Reagents taking 21.86% of global production, while Europe manufactured 272K MT and took for 22.67%. China accounts for 29.83% of the global production. AkzoNobel, Chevron Phillips Chemical, Clariant, Cytec Solvay Group, FMC Corporation (Cheminova) are the major players in this field, taking about 30% of the global production.


North America, Europe and China are the main consumption areas. During 2013 and 2017, North America Flotation Reagents consumption increased from 165 K MT to 191 K MT, while Europe Flotation Reagents consumption increased from 103 K MT to 120 K MT. Due to the fast development of mining industry, China Flotation Reagents consumption surged to 345 K MT with an average growth rate of 5%.


Flotation Reagents sales price decreased from 1431 USD/MT in 2013 to 1411 USD/MT in 2017. However, The manufacturers need funds to put into R&D and product upgrade. Though downstream demand was relatively strong, the gross margin gradually dropped.


Considering the demand of downstream industry, market participants think that the Flotation Reagents will have a promising market potential in the future. The Flotation Reagents industry had a scale of about 1760 million USD in 2017 and is estimated to reach to 2238 million USD in 2025.