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Global Fluoride Varnish Market Revenue Is Nearly 136 Million USD In 2018
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Fluoride Varnish is a highly concentrated form of fluoride which is applied to the tooth's surface, by a dentist, dental hygienist or other health care professional, as a type of topical fluoride therapy. It is not a permanent varnish but due to its adherent nature it is able to stay in contact with the tooth surface for several hours. It may be applied to the enamel, dentine of the tooth and can be used to help prevent decay, demineralize the tooth surface and to treat dentine hypersensitivity.

Fluoride Varnish is cleared for marketing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of dentin hypersensitivity associated with the exposure of root surfaces or as a cavity varnish, but it is not officially cleared for reducing caries. 

Fluoride Varnishes, which typically contain 5% sodium fluoride, can be applied to the enamel, dentin, or cement of the tooth as an adjunct to other forms of fluoride treatment. These alcohol- and resin-based preparations, which must be applied by a healthcare professional, are not permanent varnishes, but their adhesive consistency enables them to remain in contact with tooth surfaces for a period of several hours, delivering a highly concentrated temporary dose of fluoride for a longer amount of time than other concentrated fluoride products.

An expand in the dentistry profession is another driver of Fluoride Varnish market. The growing awareness is also a major driver of Fluoride Varnish market. In the last several years, Global market of fluoride varnish developed smoothly, with an average growth rate of 3.6%. In 2018, Global revenue of fluoride varnish is nearly 136 million USD. In the future, Asia-Pacific market is expected to witness significant growth on account of rising dental patients, so in the next few years, fluoride varnish revenue will show a trend of steady growth. In 2024 the revenue of fluoride varnish is estimated to be about 168 million USD. 

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