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The global glutathione market is valued at USD 73.94 million in 2017
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Currently, only a handful companies in worldwide can produce glutathione product, mainly concentrate in Japan and China. The main market players are Kyowa Hakko Bio, KOHJIN Life Sciences, Shandong Jincheng Biological Pharmaceutical, Shenzhen GSH Bio-tech, Kaiping Genuine Biochemical Pharmaceutical and Gnosis SpA. Kyowa Hakko Bio is the world leader. The global sales of glutathione increased from 230 tons in 2013 to 313.1 tons in 2017, at a CAGR of 8.02%. United States, Europe, China and Japan are the world's major consumption regions. In 2017, these four regions held 92% of the world's consumption. China is the world's largest consumption region, which held 39% of the consumption market in 2017.The global glutathione market is valued at USD 73.94 million in 2017 and is expected to reach USD 80.33 million by the end of 2024, growing at a CAGR of 1.19% between 2017 and 2024.


Glutathione is widely used in pharmaceutical, health products, cosmetic, food additives and others. In the pharmaceutical industry, Glutathione is mainly used for liver treatment. In China, Japan, Europe and other regions, many companies produce injections for liver disease. In the United States, there are many companies producing tablets as health products for liver disease.


In the skin care industry, Glutathione is also a very important raw material. Although Glutathione is very expensive, but there are still many people willing to use this injections. In Japan, India, USA, parts of Europe, Glutathione injections are widely used in the skin care industry.


Raw materials of glutathione are sugar, yeast and ammonia, on the global market, supply of raw materials is very full, but the upstream raw material prices have reduced. In recent years, with the new business to enter the market and companies continue to expand production, product prices are constantly falling.


We tend to believe this industry is an emerging industry, and the consumption increasing degree will show a rapid growth curve. However, QYR interviewed many manufacturers' sales or production managers who said that glutathione's sales growth rate was lower than the manufacturer's as expected. On product prices, the slow downward trend in recent years will maintain in the future, as competition intensifies. Besides, prices gap between different brands will go narrowing gradually. Also, there will be fluctuation in gross margin.