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Global glycine capacity utilization rate remained at around 71.19% in 2016
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Currently, there are some companies in the world can produce glycine product, mainly concentrate in China. The main market players are Shijiazhuang Donghua Jinlong Chemical, Hebei Donghua Jiheng Chemical, Linxi Hongtai, etc. According to GIR, the production of glycine increased from 277880 MT in 2011 to 355760 MT in 2016, with an average growth rate of 5.07%. Global glycine capacity utilization rate remained at around 71.19% in 2016.

In consumption market, there is a huge increase within the year 2012 and 2013, due to the high demand of the downstream glyphosate market. After that year, the growth rate of global consumption keep in a stable level, which around 2%. China and Japan are still the mainly consumption regions due to the advanced production technology and rapid development of economy.

Glycine can be classified into three types: food grade glycine, tech grade glycine and pharmaceutical grade glycine. Food grade glycine is widely used in food industry, and fodder industry. Pharmaceutical grade glycine is used in pharmaceutical industry. Tech grade glycine is widely used in pesticide industry; it is a key raw material of glyphosate. Survey results showed that 78.84% of the glycine market is pesticide industry, 5.33% is food industry, and only 1.89% is pharmaceutical industry in 2016. With the development of economy, the pharmaceutical industries will need more glycine. So, glycine has a huge market potential in the future.