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Global HDPE Microducts Market Is 1712.5 K Km In 2018
Friday, 08 May, 2020
HDPE Microducts are small ducts for the installation of small microduct fibre optic cables. They have a size ranging from typically 3 to 16 mm and are installed as bundles in larger ducts.

In the last Five years, along with the quick development with mobile upgrade programs and FTTX programs, global HDPE Microducts market is growing quite fast, with a CAGR at 7.09% from 2014 to 2018 in terms of production from 1302.1 K Km to 1712.5 K Km. In 2019, the global revenue is expected to be 249.57 million USD. 

Europe is the largest consumption area of HDPE Microducts industry, over 53% of HDPE Microducts are consumed in this region. Factors in near-term demand include continuation of the FTTH construction effort and 5G deployment. 5G network construction in the next few years, may be a factor keeping demand for optical cable at high levels after 2018. Besides Europe, North America is the second largest consumption market, followed by Asia-Pacific.

The concentration of HDPE Microducts industry is high. Leading manufacturers are Emtelle, Mexichem, Spyra Primo, Brand-Rex (Leviton), etc. Concentration rate of top 5 is 37.87% in 2018.

HDPE Microducts can be divided into Direct Install Type, Direct Burial Type and Flame Retardant Type, Flame Retardant Type takes 39.09% of global volume, in downstream, HDPE Microducts can used into FTTX Networks, Other Access Networks, Backbone Network and Other, FTTX Networks takes 45.03% of global volume, is the biggest application area.