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Global Hearing Healthcare Devices Sales Are About 13.83 Million Units In 2016
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In Hearing Healthcare Devices sales market, there are mainly three broad categories: Hearing Aids, artificial hearing Implants and hearing Diagnostic Instruments. Hearing Aids are relatively in low price, while prices of artificial hearing Implants are almost 50 times more than hearing aids, Which lead to a much bigger market share (26.53%) in revenue than sales volume (0.59%), for artificial implants.

We consider the final end users as the end-use market/application. Clinics, Individual consumers and other medical organizations are analyzed. The hearing aids are mainly designed for individual use, and this market is growing bigger with the growing aged population. Hearing diagnostic devices are essential Instruments for most otology hospitals and clinics, it is also seeing a constant growing trend with people’s overall growing health awareness. At present, Europe companies are the main production market. Europe and USA will keep leading the market in the forecast period.

In 2016, total Hearing Healthcare Devices Sales are about 13.83 million units, hearing aids sold about 13.67 million units, taking the most market share. Total market revenue is about 7148 million USD in 2016, hearing implants sold about 1769 million USD, with 10.4% growth rate compared to 2015 revenue.

William Demant, Sonovav, GN Store Nord, Sivantos Group, Widex and Starkey are the leading players in hearing healthcare devices market, occupied almost 90% of this market. In recent years, some players are entering into this market, but did not have big impact on the overall market structure. Company acquisition, business selling are happening now and then, every small move may bring big change.

All the six giant players has its own distributors and worldwide distribution channels, which is a significant feature in hearing healthcare devices industry. However, in many developing countries and undeveloped regions, like China and India, driven by the big end-user market and high sales profit, independent distributors are widely spread, especially in first-tier cities.