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Global Hypromellose Acetate Succinate Increased From 105.84 Ton In 2013 To 287.6 Ton In 2017
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Hypromellose acetate succinate is an important material used in enteric film coating and solid dispersion etc. Enteric film coating is the largest application field which consumed 243.02 ton in 2017, accounting for application share of 84.5%.

Major raw material of hypromellose acetate succinate is hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HMPC). Currently, there are only five suppliers of hypromellose acetate succinate, including Shin-Etsu, Dow, Ashland, Shandong Guangda and Anhui Sunhere. Shin-Etsu is a market leader in this industry. It is also the earliest supplier globally. Dow is an only producer in Europe. 

Global major production regions are USA, Europe, China and Japan. Japan is the largest production region, which produced 163.96 ton in 2017. Europe is the second largest production region with production of 52.82 ton in 2017.

During past five years, global production had increased from 105.84 ton in 2013 to 287.6 ton in 2017, with an average increase rate of 28.39%. HPMCAS is mainly used to produce commercial APIs including ATP sodium, bisacodyl, cefaclor, cefalexin, diclofenac sodium and diltiazem HCL etc. With increasing downstream demand, global consumption will continue to increasing. By 2024, we predict that global demand will be 581.37 ton.