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Global IP Intercom Market Is Valued At 1218 Million US$ In 2018
Monday, 25 May, 2020
IP Intercom refers to intercom can send and receive data via a computer network. IP Intercom have the features of high picture quality, stable, free from line interference, little distance limit. wiring is simple, easy to maintain, higher equipment cost, lower operation cost. Applications rang from Commercial, Government, Industrial, Other Security Area.

For industry structure analysis, the IP Intercom industry is not concentrated. The top one producers account for about 5.32% of the revenue market in 2018. Regionally, Asia is the largest production area of IP Intercom, and China and Japan are the main production country of IP Intercom. Compared with Japan produced products, IP Intercom produced in China are cheap and large volume.

The revenue of IP Intercom increases from 1377.4 M USD in 2019 to 2666.3 M USD in 2025, with an average growth rate of more than 11.64%.

EU is the largest consumption region of IP Intercom, which occupied 25.0%of the sales market in 2018. It is followed by United States and China, which respectively have around 17.8% and 24.0% of the global total industry. 

For price trend analysis, a key variable in the performance of IP Intercom producers is components and raw material costs, specifically the speed at which any increase can be passed through to customers. Actually, the price will have a downward trend in the following years.

For forecast, the global IP Intercom revenue would keep increasing with annual growth rate with 11.64%. We tend to believe that this industry still has a bright future, considering the current demand of IP Intercom driven by urbanization in developing countries. As for product prices, the slow downward trend in recent years will continue in the next few years, as competition intensifies. Similarly, there will be fluctuations in gross margin.