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Global LFA-Based Cardiac Market Size Is US$ 3086.90 Million In 2019
Wednesday, 15 Jul, 2020
Lateral Flow Assay is a simple to use diagnostic device used to confirm the presence or absence of a target analyte, such as pathogens or biomarkers in humans or animals, or contaminants in water supplies, foodstuffs, or animal feeds.

Cardiac biomarkers are the substances released into the blood stream from the damaged muscle of the heart. These biomarkers are used to diagnose heart functioning, risk stratifications, and cardiac diseases in patients. Biomarker is a quantifiable and measurable biological parameter that includes an enzyme, hormones, and proteins, all associated with heart function, failure, or damage.

The global LFA-based Cardiac Marker market size will reach US$ 4871.36 million by 2025, from US$ 3086.90 million in 2019. 

2. Geographically, Americas and APAC are the fast-growing regions, especially China, which plays a more important role in the world.
The revenue of LFA-based Cardiac Marker is related to downstream industries and regional economy. As there will be some uncertain of the global economy in the following years, the growth rate of LFA-based Cardiac Marker market may not keep that fast. But it is surely forecasted that the market of LFA-based Cardiac Marker is still promising.
Technology and pricing patterns influence purchases of LFA-based Cardiac Marker. The situation is rather complex, as the companies attempt to cater to diverse segments. The market is currently dominated by a handful of local companies that own the core technologies, including Roche, Abbott, Siemens, Danaher and so on.

Increase in awareness about the importance of early diagnosis and rise in need for prevention of cardiac diseases such as heart failure, heart attack, ACS, and others are the major factors that have contributed toward the growth of the global cardiac biomarkers testing market. Moreover, increase in survival rate of cardiac patients by diagnosing cardiac disease quickly and accurately boosts the cardiac biomarkers testing market. In addition, advancements in healthcare facilities and active initiation for prevention of cardiac disease across developing countries significantly propel the growth of the global market.

The outbreak of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has made field-related tests an important test indicator. This has a temporary impetus for the market.