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Global Linear Transfer Systems Market Is Expected To Reach $635.36 Million By 2023 From $444.12 Million In 2018
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Linear transfer systems have been the backbone of the automation industry landscape for a long time.  Or should we say, the back saver, as linear transfer automation has removed a lot of heavy lifting in the assembly industry as products are transferred from assembly station to the next assembly station for production.  Homage should be paid to the grandfather of the linear transfer system. Henry Ford turned on his assembly line over a century ago and we’ve never looked back.

Linear motor pallet-transfer systems have been around for more than a decade. What was once a cutting-edge technology is now available in a variety of different models and configurations. New developments in mechatronics, networking and software are amplifying the unique benefits of these systems.

As the automation landscape changes, linear transfer systems will remain an integral piece of the production puzzle. Progress will come in the form of flexibility to processing multiple products on a single platform and adapt to process change. Layout confinement will be combated with smart conveying vehicles such as AGV’s no longer confine to the track or rail system of conventional linear transfer systems. Robots will become less reliant on part location and more adaptive open tolerance part presentation. But there will always remain a need to move product through linear transfer assembly.

Compared to 2016, Linear Transfer Systems market managed to increase revenue by 4.98 percent to $ 415.26 million worldwide in 2017 from $ 395.56 million USD in 2016. Overall, the Linear Transfer Systems market performance is positive, despite the weak economic environment. 

ATS Automation, Rockwell Automation and Beckhoff Automation LLC captured the top three revenue share spots in the Linear Transfer Systems market in 2017. ATS Automation dominated with 18.22 percent revenue share, followed by Rockwell Automation with 15.55 percent revenue share and Beckhoff Automation with 14.02 percent revenue share. Other leading vendors include Preh IMA Automation, Ruhlamat GmbH, Afag, Motion Index Drives, Pematech, TAKTOMAT, Haberkorn, Innovative Automation, Mecsmart Systems Inc and Meto-Fer.

The global Linear Transfer Systems market is expected to reach $635.36 million by 2023 from $444.12 million in 2018, growing at a CAGR of 7.42% from 2018 to 2023.  And Asia-Pacific market is expected to being the most important market with market share of 33.22% in 2023.