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Global Liposomes Drug Delivery Market Revenue Is Nearly 2.65 Billion USD In 2017
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In the last several years, the development of Liposomes Drug Delivery market is fast with an average growth rate of 11.18%. In 2017, the global revenue of Liposomes Drug Delivery market is nearly 2.65 billion USD.

In consideration of the global economic and pharma industry, the growth rate of Liposomes Drug Delivery market will keep high in the next several years. The revenue market size expected to be 6.36 billion USD in 2025 at a CAGR of 11.58%. 

North America dominated the market with market share of 44.97% due to the high medical level. Following North America, Europe is the second largest market with market share of 28.74%. Asian Pacific regions are the third largest market with developed countries like Japan and many developing countries like China. Its market share is about 19.26%.

Liposomes have been used in a broad range of pharmaceutical applications. Liposomes are showing particular promise as intracellular delivery systems for anti-sense molecules, ribosomes, proteins/peptides, and DNA. Liposomes with enhanced drug delivery to disease locations, by ability of long circulation residence times, are now achieving clinical acceptance. Also, liposomes promote targeting of particular diseased cells within the disease site. 

Finally, liposomal drugs exhibit reduced toxicities and retain enhanced efficacy compared with free complements. Based on the pharmaceutical applications and available products, we can say that liposomes have definitely established their position in modern delivery systems.