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Global Low Iron Glass Consumption Increased From 1500.81 K MT In 2013 To 2439.33 K MT In 2017
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Low iron glass which own low amounts of iron, has higher light transmittance compared with regular clear glass. According to manufacture process, low iron glass can be classified into float glass and rolled glass. Rolled glass is generally used in photovoltaic industry. In China, Rolled glass market share is higher than that in other regions, owing to strong demand from China photovoltaic industry. Globally, rolled glass consumption is 1043.37 K MT, with consumption share of 43.68% in 2017.

Low iron glass can be used in many fields, including photovoltaic, furniture, architecture and others. In Europe and North America, low iron glass is wildly used in furniture and architecture fields. Globally, photovoltaic consumed 846.96 K MT of low iron glass in 2017. Furniture and architecture separately consumed 780.94 KMT and 645.27 K MT in 2017.

Low iron glass manufacturers are distributed all over the world. Global major suppliers include, Vitro Glass, Guardian Glass, Saint-Gobain, Pilkington, Euroglas, Asahi Glass, Jinjing Glass, Yaohua Pilkington, CSG Holding, Taiwan Glass, Xinyi Glass and Ancai Hi-tech etc. Vitro Glass is market leader in this industry. In 2017, Vitro Glass sales amount share is 10.63%.

Geography, low iron glass market is mainly concentrated in Europe, North America and China. Driven by photovoltaic industry and real estate industry, China is the largest consumption region with consumption share of 34.17% in 2017.

With the development of economy and industry, global low iron glass consumption increased from 1500.81 K MT in 2013 to 2439.33 K MT in 2017, with a CAGR of 12.91%. Also in 2017, global sales revenue was 2092.81 Million USD. In the future, we predict that global consumption will continue to increase. By 2024, global consumption will increase to 4777.27 K MT.