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Global Massage Equipment Market Revenue Is Nearly 13750 M USD And The Sales Is About 181 Million Units In 2018
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Massage equipment refers to the integration of traditional Chinese massage and high-tech devices. It developed a machine that can simulate the circulation of blood and help to bring oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to the muscles and other major organs of the body. Due to improper sleeping position and poor posture of work, more and more people are eager to reduce muscle tention and improve sleep quality. At the same time, massage equipment also saves time and money without therapist appointment. 

At the present, massage equipment can be divided into two parts: full featured massage chairs and portable small massage electrical devices, such as back massagers, neck and shoulder massagers, eye care massagers and others.

In the last several years, global market of Massage Equipment developed steadily, with an average growth rate of 9.21%. In 2018, global revenue of Massage Equipment is nearly 13750 M USD and the sales is about 181 million units.

The classification of Massage Equipment includes Back Massager, Hand-Held Massager, Neck & Shoulder Massager, Leg & Foot Massager, Eye Care Massager, Massage Chair and Others. Because of the higher price, the revenue proportion of Massage Chair in 2018 is about 43.07%. 

Massage Equipment is sales for commercial use and residential use. The most of Massage Equipment is sales through residential, and the market share in 2018 is about 74.63%. 

Asia-Pacific is the largest consumption place, with a consumption market share nearly 49.28% in 2018. Following Asia-Pacific, Europe is the second largest consumption place with the consumption market share of 28.52% in 2018. 

Market competition is intense. OGAWA, Inada, BODYFRIEND, Panasonic, OSIM International domain the main position of massage equipment. At the same time, Positive Posture, Prospera Corporation and Osaki also have a relatively higher position in the USA massage market.