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Global Micafungin Sodium Revenue For Injection Is Nearly 377 M USD In 2017
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Micafungin (trade name Mycamine) is an echinocandin antifungal drug used to treat and prevent invasive fungal infections including candidemia, abscesses and esophageal candidiasis. It inhibits the production of beta-1,3-glucan, an essential component of fungal cell walls. Micafungin is administered intravenously. It received final approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on March 16, 2005, and gained approval in the European Union on April 25, 2008.

In the last several years, global market of Micafungin Sodium for Injection developed slowly, with an average growth rate of 1.38%. In 2017, global revenue of Micafungin Sodium for Injection is nearly 377 M USD; the actual production is about 2.88 million units.

According to the dose, the classification of Micafungin Sodium for Injection includes 50 mg Single-use Vial and 100 mg Single-use Vial, and the proportion of 50 mg Single-use Vial in 2017 is about 61.02%, and the proportion is in increasing trend from 2013 to 2017.

Micafungin Sodium for Injection is widely used for treating Candidemia, Respiratory Mycosis and Gastrointestinal Mycosis. The most proportion of Micafungin Sodium for Injection is for treating Candidemia, and the proportion in 2017 is about 45%.

In 2013, Japan was the largest consumption place, with a consumption market share nearly 35.40%. In 2017, North America is the largest consumption place with the consumption market share of 28.98%.

Astellas is the leader of the industry, and it holds key technologies and patents, with high-end customers; has been formed in the monopoly position in the industry.