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Global Adulticides Aconsumption Is 24957 MT In 2017
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Mosquito control is an important method to prevent virus spread because mosquitoes spread many diseases. Mosquito control products usually include larvicides and adulticides. Adulticides demand is much more than that of larvicides. In 2017, global adulticides consumption is 24957 MT, increased from 21456 MT in 2013, with an average increase rate of 3.85%.

Mosquito control products are needed for government, residential and commercial. Government is the major consumer, which consumed about 72.84% of global total sales in 2017. Residential and commercial used amount are separately 3382 MT and 6573 MT in the same year. 

Mosquito control products suppliers are distributed all over the world. Global major mosquito control product suppliers are Bayer Environmental Science, Valent BioSciences, Clarke, Central Life Sciences, BASF, Summit Chemical (AMVAC), Univar, UPL, Kadant GranTek, Babolna-Bio, MGK, Westham and AllPro Vector etc. In 2017, revenue of those 13-supplier accounts for a total share of 83.5%.

Driven by increasing downstream demand, global production increased from 31377 MT in 2013 to 36653 MT in 2017, with a CAGA of 3.96%. North America is the largest consumption region. In 2017, consumption of mosquito control product in USA is about 13982 MT, with a share of 38.15%. Europe and Asia Pacific are also major consumption regions. 

In the future, we predict that global demand for mosquito control product will keep increasing. Also product will be more and more environmental friendly. In 2024, global consumption will be 48210 MT, with a CAGA of 4.38% from 2019 to 2024.