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Global MS Resin Market Managed To Increase Production To 145 K MT In 2017
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Global MS Resin market managed to increase production to 145 K MT in 2017, compared that in 2013 of 111 K MT. Overall, the MS Resin products performance is positive, though the global economy remains in a fragile state.

The technical barriers of MS Resin are high, and the MS Resin market concentration degree is higher. The manufacturing bases scatter around the world; the key companies in MS Resin market include Denka (JP), Chi Mei (TW), INEOS Styrolution (US+GE), LG Chem (KR), INEOS Styrenics (US), Resirene (MX).

Currently, the key factors driving the growth of the aforementioned industry are optical materials, toys, house appliance such as food container, lamp shade, and other industries. As the demand increases rapidly for house appliance industries, and the wider range of applications, the demand for MS Resin will correspondingly increase. The increased consumption of MS Resin is expected to continue during the remaining years of the forecast period of 2018-2023. MS Resin industry will usher in a stable growth space. Besides, MS Resin is an alternative for Acrylic, this demanding will also drive the consumption to increase.

The downstream industry has higher requirement for MS Resin, and the environment protection pressure make the companied spend more cost on process technology. Therefore, to some extent, the MS Resin companies face the risk of profit decline. In the past few years, the raw material price was unstable, especially from the H2 of 2017. The price growth rate is also unbalanced. For example, before 2017H2, the Chi Mei product price is higher than that of the Denka, but till about the Sep. 2017, Denka’s product price is higher than Chi Mei due to the large increase level, this situation is still exist now.

There are companies adding new capacities and aims at the cost and quality leadership which shall improve profitability. The competition in MS Resin market will become more intense.

Japan, Greater China Taiwan, Singapore and USA have achieved MS Resin industrialization and applied in many fields. And these products are exported to worldwide. However, there are no MS Resin manufacturers in China mainland market. All of MS Resin used in China mainland is imported, especially from China Taiwan and Denka from Singapore.