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Global Multi-Parameter Patient Monitoring Equipment Sales Revenue Is Nearly 3610 M USD In 2017
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In the last several years, Europe market of Multi-parameter Patient Monitoring Equipment developed steadily, with an average growth rate of 3.7%. In 2017, global sales revenue of Multi-parameter Patient Monitoring Equipment is nearly 3610 M USD; the actual sale is about 1310 thousand units.

The classification of Multi-parameter Patient Monitoring Equipment includes High-acuity Monitors, Mid-acuity Monitors and Low-acuity Monitors. The revenue proportion of High-acuity Monitors in 2017 is about 54.7%, Low-acuity Monitors is the fastest developing department. Europe countries are to improve care in low-acuity wards, as it will allow patients to be moved from expensive high-acuity wards sooner, while still being monitored to ensure they receive any necessary care. This is leading to demand for low-acuity monitors, to ensure all patients are monitored at all times. 

Multi-parameter Patient Monitoring Equipment is applied in Hospital and Home Health Care. The most of Multi-parameter Patient Monitoring Equipment is used in Hospital, and the market share in 2017 is about 67.9%. 

North America is the largest consumption place, with a revenue market share nearly 41.8% in 2017. Following North America, Asia-Pacific is the second largest consumption place with the revenue market share of 26.8% in 2017. 

The top three players of the Europe market for multi-parameter patient monitoring equipment is expected to witness an intense competitive scenario, the top three companies namely Nihon Kohden, GE Healthcare, and Philips Healthcare held a share of around 70.6% in the global multi-parameter patient monitoring equipment market in 2016. Product development is a key methodology embraced by them and other core players in this fundamentally oligopolistic market.