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BASF Is The Largest N-butanol Producer In The World, Taking 12.44% In The Production Share In 2017
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The n-butanol industry is mainly in the United States, Europe, Japan and China, among which the United States is the largest country in the production of butanol. The major producers include BASF, Dow, Oxea, Eastman, Formosa, China Nation Petroleum, Kyowa Hakko, etc. BASF is the largest producer in the world, taking 12.44% in the production share in 2017. Dow Company followed as second producer.

The consumption of n-butanol is mainly in the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific, while Asia-Pacific taking more than 51.84%, United States taking 22.14%. Market of the United States, Europe and Japan n-butanol has matured with excessed capacity, decreasing demand, while for the rest of Asia the demand has rapid growth in demand in recent years.

In Africa, the demand of n-butanol downstream is small. So the producer of n-butanol in Africa, such as Sasol limited, usually exports the n-butanol.

Since the n-butanol production continued to increase and the cost of raw materials is decreasing, the price of n-butanol is declining.

The production technology in Europe and America has matured; most of China’s n-butanol producer purchased the technology from DOW.

N-butanol is mainly, as the chemical intermediate, used in the production of butyl acetate, butyl acrylate and diethyl phthalate. Many chemical companies are homegrown mode.