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Global Natural Diacetyl Market Will Increase Slowly And To Be Worthy Of 5.14 Million USD In 2024
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Natural diacetyl is naturally occurring chemical that is produced as a byproduct of yeast during the fermentation process. Used in a wide variety of food products, it is best known as a flavoring in microwave buttered popcorn. In the past few years, diacetyl has earned a bad name for being the probable cause of several popcorn factory workers developing what has been dubbed ‘popcorn lung’, or bronchiolitis.

The concerns on the diacetyl safety have impacted the industry hugely since many consumers have phased out the products or seek other substitutes to meet their demand.

Besides the safety concerns on the products, high cost and technology barriers are also big problems that the natural diacetyl industry has to face.

Due to such factors, the natural diacetyl industry is small, with total market size of 5.09 million USD in 2017.

Production of natural diacetyl is though extraction or fermentation. According to research, there are two stands for the products, EU Natural and USA Natural.

EU Natural means natural diacetyl is extracted from plants while USA Natural means the raw materials of diacetyl are got from fermentation, such as natural acetaldehyde. Currently, the fermentation method is more common than extraction one.

Production of natural diacetyl is mainly concentrated in South Africa and China for the time being. The two regions held 76.18% production share totally in 2017.

Technology barrier, safety concerns and substitutes limit the development of natural diacetyl. It is estimated that the natural diacetyl market will increase slowly and to be worthy of 5.14 million USD in 2024.